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March 12, 2009

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Last night I realized what I want to focus on in my major (anthropology)- the field of medical anthropology. The things I spend most of my time thinking about seem to fall under that category:

  • People’s diets in other parts of the world and application in American society
  • Farming/hunting methods or methods of getting food/nutrition
  • Folk medicine and possible applications in “western” society
  • The role of psychology and (in) religion/spirituality in healing practices and maintaining a healthy lifestyle

The only problem is that I don’t know what I have to study in order to do this, so I’ll be seeing my Professor-who-knows-everything and my TA-who-knows-everything tomorrow and maybe they can give me a few pointers.

Of course, at the same time I really want to study the role and function of religion in society, which isn’t quite related. Or maybe it is. Depends on the culture, I suppose. I was just having a conversation about religion with my roommate and I was trying to defend the position she was opposing. But after a while, as I always do, I just couldn’t. I’m not really interested in conveying my point of view in these cases. All I could think was, “If you lived five hundred years ago in Europe instead of Now, in America, you would completely understand the opposing view, and the points you are trying to defend now would not even come to mind. And this is why…. (*mind goes on a tangent*)”


Noam Chomsky on the Financial Crisis March 10, 2009

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Today I learned something… disturbing.

Form a recent interview with Noam Chomsky:

It is a worldwide crisis and it is very serious. It is striking that the ways that Western countries are approaching the crisis [entirely contradict] the model that they enforce on the Third World when there is a crisis. So when Indonesia has a crisis, [or] Argentina and everyone else, they are supposed to raise interest rates very high and privatize the economy, and cut down on public spending, measures like that. In the West, it is the exact opposite: lower interest rates to zero, move towards nationalization if necessary, pour money into the economy, have huge debts. That is exactly the opposite of how the Third World is supposed to pay off its debts.  That this seems to pass without comment is remarkable.



March 3, 2009

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Today I learned that it’s a good thing I never liked soda much. I have seen other articles on this, although this one was the most recent. I’ve also read something along the lines of coca cola having properties that allow it to be used as a chemical cleaner, such as to remove rust from cars. Nasty. That’s not something I want in my tummy.

I also learned how to “recycle” a shirt. I took one of my roommate’s oversized t-shirts, cut it up, and re-sewed it into a nice, pretty new one. It took me 7 hours, by hand. I’m pretty damn proud of it, and I think I’d like to do this again.