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Rules for Tripping February 17, 2009

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Not that I do- or plan to do- shrooms or LSD any time in the near future, but a friend of mine stumbled upon some rules to keep in mind when tripping. I wanted to share some of the ones I found most true and potentially valuable.

  • if someone/something upsets you, get the hell away.
  • don’t ever trip on a whim; plan it out first.
  • don’t trip alone unless you’re positive you can handle it.
  • always remain calm. it will all be over soon. you’re not going crazy.
  • don’t try to fight the effects. drugs are stronger than you, and they will kick you right in the teeth if you upset them.
  • never, ever, ever eat spaghetti.
  • Cars can hurt you.
  • You cannot fly.
  • It’s never a good time to die.
  • Although you may see things that are not there, you’ll still be able to see real things. In other words, cars that are present in the street will not become invisible.
  • only carry a house-key, some loose change, and your address in your shoe
  • be careful around mirrors
  • giant toasters the size of cars are cars and can hurt you as such
  • respect the drug
  • clean your house or the room you will be tripping in before you trip.



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