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February 16, 2009

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Recently I have learned:

  • That a friend of mine believes that, when people get drunk, it should not be entirely unexpected that they kiss each other. Especially if they are good friends. This is totally ok, even if said two friend both have significant others, but have declared their love for each other, as well.
  • That I like chili! Turkey chili at least.
  • That one of our puppies never, ever seems to grow (I am a member of my college’s Seeing Eye Puppy Raising Club). This is the third week I have had him and he is roughly the same size he was three weeks ago.
  • That said puppy really enjoys sleeping in my toiletries bag, and makes funny noises when sleeping.
  • That a book that three of us are emotionally invested in is missing, supposedly somewhere in this apartment.
  • That in the 1800’s, a 70-something year genocide took place on the island of Tasmania, and not a single Tasmanian islander is left alive today. Perhaps half of those killed inhabited areas of the island that are still virtually unpopulated to this day, making their deaths even more needless and heartbreaking.
  • That the idea of maintaining three separate blogs at once is entirely ludicrous

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