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February 5, 2009

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Today I learned that people actually like this blog and follow it. Whoops.

Well in the past three weeks I have learned:

  • that I made the right choice in changing my major to anthropology. Computer science was not for me. I may never love college, but at least I don’t outright hate it anymore and I’m no longer super stressed out by Java programming and calculus.
  • that I can bring my GPA back up to a 3.0 and recover nicely from my F in Calculus and D in CS, without taking either class over.
  • that I can still complete my major, minor, and even a second minor and still graduate on time, in spite of having not decided on a major until two months ago.
  • that Mark loves me.
  • that Shannon (his girlfriend) still loves me in spite of that.
  • that I am going to be living with a puppy next year. Setting up housing for next year has been the most stressful thing ever and I am so grateful that it’s over.

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