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February 23, 2009

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Today I learned that I prefer people who I can learn from. I believe one reason I like my boyfriend so much is that I am always learning new things from him. Same for my two other best friends. When I lose interest in friends, it seems to be because I haven’t learned anything from them in a while, or because what they are teaching me seems to be negative, useless, or counterproductive in some way.

I learned the value of a scarf, even when you have a warm coat with a high collar.

I learned to always, always make sure I have water with me before I go to class.

And I learned a few things- fun sounding things- that I can do with an Anthropology degree.


February 21, 2009

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Today I learned that the Kennel Cough that’s been spreading through our club might cause us not to have a meeting for the next two weeks.

I learned that I can entertain myself for two hours in the campus center- if I have a computer.

And I learned that my mom is still full of surprises. I asked her to bring me some pizza (world’s most amazing pizza) from home when she comes to visit tomorrow, and she said yes 🙂


New Feature! February 18, 2009

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I’ve been doing some thinking, and I’ve decided I want to add a new Tips feature to this blog. I hope this will be an opportunity for you to take something away from this blog. They’ll be random little things that I do to make my life easier, ones that I think of or realize I do throughout the day (I’m not going to just sit here pulling ideas out of my ass, don’t worry).

In a few weeks, after I’ve accumulated enough of them, I’ll divide the tips into categories and give them their own page on the blog, so you can easily find them whenever you want.

I’d also like to encourage you, my dear reader(s), to add your own related tips in the comments. Remember to tell your friends about this blog- it takes two to make something like this truly awesome.


Rules for Tripping February 17, 2009

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Not that I do- or plan to do- shrooms or LSD any time in the near future, but a friend of mine stumbled upon some rules to keep in mind when tripping. I wanted to share some of the ones I found most true and potentially valuable.

  • if someone/something upsets you, get the hell away.
  • don’t ever trip on a whim; plan it out first.
  • don’t trip alone unless you’re positive you can handle it.
  • always remain calm. it will all be over soon. you’re not going crazy.
  • don’t try to fight the effects. drugs are stronger than you, and they will kick you right in the teeth if you upset them.
  • never, ever, ever eat spaghetti.
  • Cars can hurt you.
  • You cannot fly.
  • It’s never a good time to die.
  • Although you may see things that are not there, you’ll still be able to see real things. In other words, cars that are present in the street will not become invisible.
  • only carry a house-key, some loose change, and your address in your shoe
  • be careful around mirrors
  • giant toasters the size of cars are cars and can hurt you as such
  • respect the drug
  • clean your house or the room you will be tripping in before you trip.



February 16, 2009

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Recently I have learned:

  • That a friend of mine believes that, when people get drunk, it should not be entirely unexpected that they kiss each other. Especially if they are good friends. This is totally ok, even if said two friend both have significant others, but have declared their love for each other, as well.
  • That I like chili! Turkey chili at least.
  • That one of our puppies never, ever seems to grow (I am a member of my college’s Seeing Eye Puppy Raising Club). This is the third week I have had him and he is roughly the same size he was three weeks ago.
  • That said puppy really enjoys sleeping in my toiletries bag, and makes funny noises when sleeping.
  • That a book that three of us are emotionally invested in is missing, supposedly somewhere in this apartment.
  • That in the 1800’s, a 70-something year genocide took place on the island of Tasmania, and not a single Tasmanian islander is left alive today. Perhaps half of those killed inhabited areas of the island that are still virtually unpopulated to this day, making their deaths even more needless and heartbreaking.
  • That the idea of maintaining three separate blogs at once is entirely ludicrous

February 9, 2009

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Today I learned that a manager at my boyfriend’s place-of-work may have been fired. She is a single mother of two, and has been with the company for 20 years.
And along with that I learned that he had harbored some hopes of being a manager some day, and that he’s now afraid of that. And I learned just how frightened he is of losing his job. I can’t say I blame him. I can only hope to find a job this summer. If I don’t… I don’t know what will happen.


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Today I learned how much trust my boyfriend has in me.
Yesterday I learned how to put on eyeliner. I wore more makeup last night than I’d ever worn in my life.
Yesterday I got drunk for the first time in my life. Most of that alcohol was pushed on my by one of my best friends.
Yesterday I learned that when said best friend gets drunk, he is an absolute asshole. Yesterday he kissed me. He is dating my other best friend.