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December 12, 2008

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Today I learned that I always need to put a top coat on my nail polish. Seriously. I’ve got to be honest, my nail polish usually doesn’t chip when it’s on my toes, but now that it has, it looks terrible. Of course it does. What was I thinking.

I learned that, apparently unlike the rest of us, my mother knew that my grandmother was born Chana. Maybe she just talked to her more than the rest of us. What a shame. I miss my grandmother. She died when I was 13. I know in my heart that as I got older I would have learned to appreciate her more than I did when I was young. I know we would have been best friends. But that was taken away from us, and now I am left with no grandparents.

I also learned that I am not nearly as good as focusing on schoolwork as I would like to believe. I have to write a book report and study for two finals by Monday and I haven’t even finished reading chapter one of said book. At least it’s just a straight up summary. If I had to include thoughtful insight, I’d be in trouble.


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